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Monday to Friday
7am - 6.30pm
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Monday to Friday
8am - 5.30pm
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01604 700128
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Scoobys Doggy Day Care Northampton is a safe and secure place for your dog,
Dogs that are left at home for long periods of time can find it very stressful and boring, many dogs can become destructive or annoy the neighbours by howling and barking all day. Scoobys is the perfect place to bring your dog on a regular basis while you are at work or away from home, the dogs will have the company of many other dogs, plenty of room to play and keep occupied for the time they are with us.
poppy enjoying scoobys doggy day care northampton
We reccomend your dog attends Scoobys Doggy Day Care Northampton at least one day a week if possible, attending on a regular basis will help your dog stay used to being around other dogs and aclimatised to Scoobys doggy day care, this will also help most dogs show an improvement in their temperament, their physical health and most even pick up some good habits from our star dogs and helpers. Many people have been greatly impressed by the difference attending doggy day care on a regular basis has made to not only the dogs quality of life but the calmness and happiness of the family in the home too.
ruski dog playing in the tunnel at scoobys doggy day care northampton
Attending Scoobys Doggy Day Care Northampton on a regular basis has also shown to benefit dogs that are hyperactive, nervous around other dogs or simply need the social interaction with other dogs that they may be missing because they cannot be let of the lead in the park, whilst at scoobys all the guests are allowed to roam the areas off lead and are encouraged to mix and play with the other dogs.
the dogs enjoying auntie jo sitting them at scoobys doggy day care northampton
Once your pet is inside the day care centre, they will be off the lead and be encouraged to make use of all the facilities available, there will be times of play and rest encouraged throughout the day to ensure your dog does not over exert themselves and has periods of calm.
 all of our equipment is strong, washable and safe so there will be no restrictions or out of bounds for the dogs at Scoobys Doggy Day Care Northampton whatever the weather.
nap time for the dogs after playing at scoobys doggy day care northampton
We endeavor to provide the best possible care and experience for your dog whilst at scoobys doggy day care, fresh drinking water is always available and should your dog need feeding we have separate quiet areas perfect for the occasion. 
If its raining or the ground is wet outside, we do try to keep the dogs inside as much as possible, however we will still encourage them to venture outside to go to the toilet come rain or shine. We use an average of 40,000 poo bags a year and endevour to clean up within a few minutes of the dogs going to the toilet, all of the poo is kept in a large wheelie bin and taken away for incineration on a regular basis, the external yard and equipment is power washed and disinfected regularly. 
scoobys doggy day care inside play park, secure, safe & dry, no need to walk outside
The large secure outside area has building walls to 3 sides and an 8ft fence to the front, backed up by a security fence beyond that, the outside is mainly concrete with plenty of soft mats scattered around and numerous structures for the dogs to play on, there is also a large area of astro turf.

In the day care area we have dedicated staff employed purely to look after the dogs and keep them occupied, they will not be leaving your dogs to go out walking other dogs as is the case with most home based day cares.
All of our staff undergo training on dog behavoir to understand the signs of stress, anxiety and of course happiness.
We must point out that the environment at scoobys is not suitable for all dogs and we will be completely honest and tell you as soon as it becomes apparent if we feel it may not be benificial to your dog, a unhappy dog at scoobys can have a very detrimental effect on all of the other dogs and the dogs happiness is our success.
the secure outside yard for walking dogs at scoobys doggy day careo
If you are interested in our doggy day care services Northampton, please do not hesitate to contact us;

telephone 01604 700128
or visit our facebook page to message us
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